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A new advanced LiDAR Module for in-depth processing and analysis                   
A new Extension Interface which allows 3rd-parties to create add-ons to Global Mapper to extend functionality through their own toolbars and/or menu items. This allows our users to get creative and share their technology with the greater Global Mapper community. Users will need a Global Mapper Software Developer Toolkit (SDK) in order to write their extension. Contact your sales representative for more information.                   
New support for import and export of 3D PDF for easy communication of spatial information with non-GIS users.                   
This release also features a powerful Raster Calculator that can perform mathematical calculations on multi-band imagery. Including built-in NDVI and NDWI calculations and support for custom formulas.                   
Support has been added for passing variables to scripts on the command lines.                   
An option to automatically download and/or load files/web links associated with an attribute of selected features has been added. This is a very powerful feature allowing users to easily download files associated with features (like coverage areas) from an online server or loaded from a local disk.                   
Users can now also edit and re-calculate multiple view shed layers.                   
For more features view the what's new file in the help files.                   
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